Work It Out  – Patricia Byrne

2018 Mini-Grant Recipient

Twelve 8th grade students were selected to meet weekly to develop organizational skills and study habits and complete a project exploring careers.  Students determined their personal interest in career activity expressed as “Holland Code” categories. Each student then researched three different occupations associated with their preferred code, making a total of 36 occupations discussed in group meetings. [See Holland List of Occupations for self-assessment of a career.] 

Each student made a PowerPoint presentation of at least ten slides with graphs comparing job outlook, training, education, and salary for the three occupations.  After every student had presented, the class voted for six careers they wanted to explore further, and the school counselor contacted employers and arranged tours of local workplaces.

Students integrated their research information with their on-site experience and evaluated how this information informs their future career planning and academic motivation. After the tours of career sites were over, students worked in pairs to make and present a multimedia presentation to one of the sixth grade classrooms.

updated June, 2019