TECHNOLOGIES build new realities.

FAST times in Morgan County; what we did .  .  .  .  . shows what we can do.

To put more TECHNOLOGIES into daily lives of Morgan county residents, FAST began by funding a Lighted Speed Radar for traffic entering Berkeley Springs. We held discussions about broadband internet access with Morgan County Commissioners and the Economic Development Authority to consider how to bring high-speed broadband internet access to dispersed households in this mountainous rural county. We also co-sponsored with the Morgan County Economic Development Authority some community evening courses on home-based business “e-commerce” and website design. Our exhibits at the County Fair included wireless broadband, county geology, water resources and the ecology of local rivers and streams.

FAST made travel awards for students of the Wind Dance Farm to learn more about ecology at a Chesapeake Bay Camp. The Forum co-sponsored with the Morgan County Library a poster exhibit and a community evening discussion on how to use broadband internet technology to search, explore and learn details of the West Virginia Code and access documents about required local government procedures. We sponsored meetings on broadband internet technology and home computer security with Mike the Computer Guy. FAST gave awards to the Senior Life Services of Morgan County to add interactive computer-aided Wii activities to enhance daily healthy activity.

Grants for video editing equipment at the schools and the Morgan Arts Council helped develop coaching workshops for very short videos. A portable lightning detector was given to the schools for improved safety at outdoor events. A grant to the Ecology Coalition helped support a Film Festival and brochures for the local recycling center. Voice communication equipment was donated for improved back-stage coordination of Morgan Arts Council theatrical events. We partnered with Mountain View Solar to create a solar energy demonstration project at the Warm Springs Middle School.

A grant was awarded for equipment in the Robotics Program. A grant to Morgan County Solid Waste Authority aided recycling of plastics at the recycling center. Tuition grants to attend video technology workshops at the Morgan Arts Ice House helped develop new videos. FAST continues to provide information to members of the Sardine Club on the use of app-like technology about omega 3-6 balance score of foods. This was introduced to attendees at recent Morgan County Fairs who won free pedometers for estimating the scores of familiar foods.