Magnificent Robots   Lorie Faith

2018 Mini Grant Recipient

Students discussed robotics technology and hypotheses about their use in exploration plus the use of solar power and alternate energy that does not deplete natural resources or harm the environment. New vocabulary words were learned with “repeat after me” chant and song and by having students define the words and create a sentence using those words.

Students discussed the contents of the story “Awesome Space Robots” and took the book home for parent involvement. The “Super Science Magazine” was discussed together as a class, and students were encouraged to discuss solar power and alternative energy at home with parents. Small groups of students designed and put together a robot kit by following given directions and putting together different variations. The class invited two college students in science/engineering to join in making robots as an excellent way to enrich the hands-on activity.

Students created a comic strip describing the experience of putting together a robot while incorporating the new vocabulary words. They also graphed the distance that their robot will move within a specified amount of time.










Revised April, 2019