Summer McClintock, We Are All Wonders: Choose Kindness

2017 Mini-Grant Recipient

This Pleasant View Elementary School collaborative project gave each student in grades 3 through 5 a copy of the book “Wonder” to keep and add to their personal library at home. Each grade level teacher used the book to teach characterization and point of view in ways developmentally appropriate for each grade. Students learned and shared concepts and meanings of empathy, kindness, perspective, mayhem, wonder, unique and blog, as they compared and contrasted the book and the movie “Wonder” using WV writing standards.

The school library purchased companion books for each grade to incorporate into classroom discussions. The project also integrated art and music as all students examined the theme, “Choosing Kindness”. A class “chatter website” was created for students to blog about the book as a community of readers. Students were encouraged to have family discussions centered on themes in the book and movie, hopefully with a desire to be good citizens for our future society.

The school bulletin board shows the kindness pledge and banner developed by the school literacy council. The golden chain has added links for acts of kindness observed as students and staff catch each other being kind.


updated March, 2018